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Hallvard Vebjørnsson became the city's patron saint and is depicted on the city's seal. InHovedøya Abbey was built. The câștigurile din bistrou la tranzacționare and abbeys became major owners of large tracts of land, which proved important for the city's economic development, especially before the Black Death.

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He started building Akershus Fortress and câștigurile din bistrou la tranzacționare also the first king to reside permanently in the city, which helped to make Oslo the capital of Norway. In the end of the 12th century, Hanseatic League traders from Rostock moved into the city and gained major influence in the city.

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The Black Death came to Norway in and, like other cities in Europe, the city suffered greatly. The churches' earnings from their land also dropped so much that the Hanseatic traders dominated the city's foreign trade in the 15th century. After the last fire inwhich lasted for three days, Christian IV of Denmark decided that the old city should not be rebuilt again.

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His men built a network of roads in Akershagen near Akershus Castle. He demanded that all citizens should move their shops and workplaces to the newly built city Christiania, named as an honor to the king.

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The transformation of the city went slowly for the first hundred years. Outside the city, near Vaterland and Grønland near Old Town, Osloa new, unmanaged part of the city grew up filled with citizens of low class status. The strong economy transformed Christiania into a trading port.

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Several state institutions were established and the city's role as a capital initiated a period of rapidly increasing population. The government of this new state needed buildings for its expanding administration and institutions.

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Large areas of the surrounding Aker municipality were incorporated inan The expansion included GrünerløkkaGrønland and Oslo. At that time the area called Oslo now Gamlebyen or Old Town was a village or suburb outside the city borders east of Aker river.

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Christiania expanded its industry frommost importantly around Akerselva. There was a spectacular building boom during the last decades of the 19th century, with many new apartment buildings and renewal of the city center, but the boom collapsed in At the time, Aker was a mostly affluent, green suburban community, and the merger was unpopular in Aker.

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City Hall was constructed in the former slum area of Vika from to The municipality of Aker was incorporated into Oslo inand suburbs were developed, such as Lambertseter from Aker Brygge was constructed on the site of the former shipyard Akers Mekaniske Verkstedfrom to The city and municipality used the name Kristiania until 1 January when the name changed to Oslo. Oslo was the name of an eastern suburb - it had been the site of the city centre, until the devastating fire.

Peste de restaurante, baruri şi locuri de distracţie din cel mai nou pol de atracţie al Bucureştilor. În prezent, aici există peste de localuri pentru toate gusturile, de la baruri şi restaurante, până la pub-uri şi bistrouri, în fiecare dintre ele proprietarii investind, în medie, între Banii s-au dus în renovări, amenajări şi utilarea spaţiilor care strâng ca un magnet mii de petrecăreţi în fiecare seară.

King Christian IV of Denmark ordered a new city built with his own name; Oslo remained a poor suburb outside the city border. In the earlyth century, Norwegians argued that a name memorialising a Danish king was inappropriate as the name of the capital of Norway, which became fully principiile opțiunilor binare in Eight people died in the bomb attack.

Map of medieval Oslo.