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It referred to the belt of countries from Finland to the north and down to Romania to the south, neighbouring the most ideologically charged border of Europe.

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It stood witness of a divided Europe, functioning at differing speeds and acting based on most urgent security needs and concerns. While the dialogue between Western and Central Europe was unlocked at least temporarily following the Locarno Pactthe Border States persisted to be widely seen as a locus of clash between the old rietum bank forex world and the rising communist one.

The countries situated on this belt were still in search of diplomatic and political tools to back up stability and regional balance. The Polish-Romanian and the Latvian-Estonian political and military alliances, set up inwere the foundations of international order in the area, and plans to merge them into a grand Border States league continued to be nurtured although with less enthusiasm than it had been done a few years earlier.

The Declaration of Common Aims of the Independent Mid-European nations adopted in the convention assembled at Independence Hall of Philadelphia in remained a generous statement of goodwill but a chimera in practical terms. Particularly the Polish-Lithuanian confrontation with regard to the belonging of the historical capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania proved to be Achilles' heel of Border States solidarity.

It paved the way to German and Soviet policy of Divide et Impera and backfired the creation of a Baltic union or a Border States league spanned between Helsinki and Bucharest.

The lack of mutual knowledge, particularly when it comes to Romanian-Baltic or Romanian-Finnish relation, the divergent national aspirations, the ideological clashes, Polish bossy attitude in the region stood in the way of reaching an rietum bank forex between the small and mid-sized nations situated in the area. The answer to the question what to do with Soviet Russia also evoked conflicting answers.

The Right typically believed that Russia should be closely monitored but surrounded by a cordon sanitaire. It should not be allowed to participate in decisions either at regional or European level.

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The Left customarily had a different opinion. It sought for rapprochement between Rietum bank forex and West in order to safeguard not solely their independence but their economy and trade, too.

Rietum bank forex Baltic Left placed emphasis on the economic gains to be achieved from the restoration of trade between Europe and Russia. Torn between conflicting aspirations, it was never easy to find a lasting reconciliation between the Border States and the USSR. The Soviet policy would not encourage that, too, transmitting conflicting signals to its neighbours also given the twofold policy of the Soviet state and the Third International.

Even when the Soviet Union proclaimed its support for the international order based on Paris peace treaties, the Komintern continued to be perceived as an instrument devised to weaken resistance of the Border States from inside. Bythe Briand-Kellogg Pact was signed and the same year Romania opened a Legation in Riga, the biggest town in Baltic States, centrally located on the flow of information concerning the Soviet Union.

The former emerged as an independent state from a combination of domestic ideological clashes and armed expulsion of foreign intruders. The young state gained international recognition from, inter alia, the inheritor of the former mother country, Soviet Opțiuni binare leu, according to the Peace Treaty of August 11 th The Supreme Council of Allied Powers Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, and Belgium on January 26 th, the Kingdom of Romania on February, 15 th communicated to Latvia on February 26 ththe United States of America July and the other sovereign nations on the globe cum se creează o strategie pentru opțiuni a few years later their diplomatic recognition to the country situated on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.

The Moldovan Democratic Republic had but a brief existence and grasped the first opportunity to join their fellow Romanians in the Kingdom of Romania on April 9 th rietum bank forex Old Calendar: March 27 th years after their separation from the Principality of Moldova.

Rietum bank forex unification was backed at the time by the Central Powers in their power game in the Balkans and in Eastern Europe. This created immediate incentives of cooperation with the states situated on the western border of Soviet Russia, and not in the least with Latvia.

When the inter-state dialogue between Latvia and Romania begun in the early s, it already had incentives and needs of two societies to answer.

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One of the first areas of cooperation was in terms of humanitarian relief granted to the large number of soldiers and civilians caught by the Civil War on Russian territory.

Their geopolitical position was not enviable by any possible means. This historically encouraged the inflow of people towards and from the Baltic Sea. On the other hand, Romania, although a largersq. The length of its frontiers was no less than 3, km and three of its neighbours harboured revisionist aims against Romanian territory: the USSR, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Moreover, its natural riches attracted the interest of other powers such as Germany. It, too, lost its trust into the League of Nations by the end of the s and attempted a policy of balance between the Great Powers.

Romania shared the concern of both Soviet and German designs, although it was more afraid of Soviet revisionism than of German imperialism. Latvia could but remember that it was by sea that it had received rietum bank forex essential British help that supported it safeguard its independence in the aftermath of WWI. Given these prerequisites, Latvia and Romania had a rich common agenda. Indeed, rietum bank forex the beginning of the interwar period projects had been under way for concluding a grand alliance binding Poland, the Baltic States and Finland together, sometimes talks being held on joining the Romanian-Polish alliance to this system.

Between and thirty-one conferences were held among the Baltic States, Finland and Poland or rietum bank forex of these countries at various levels, only one of which, held in September in Warsaw, was attended by Romania. Public speeches, newspapers interviews, handling of ceremonies such as the award of credentials to the Heads of States 1 Joseph S. Emandi, Gh. Buzatu, V. Cucueds, Geopolitica, vol.

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The Cabinet of the Minister], vol. Thereby, the Border States underlined the huge risk of their disarming in a situation where Soviet Union was undertaking a rearming policy and where the Soviet arsenal could not be assessed in any possible way.

Nevertheless, this solidarity did not restrain the Border States when the need was felt for negotiating and concluding separate treaties or economic agreements lucrați fără internet acasă fără investiții the Soviet Union. As a new state on the international arena, Latvia was interested after in integrating itself into the existing system of international relations before attempting to domesticate them based on Latvian interests.

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This was achieved in May and the Latvian representation in Romania will remain entrusted to the Legation in Warsaw for much of the interwar period. An architect by training 2Nukša commenced his diplomatic career in with an appointment to Paris as First Secretary of the Latvian Legation.

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He was eventually assigned in as envoy to Warsaw. When he started his diplomatic mission in Romania, this country had concluded, in Marchan alliance with Poland 3 and the possibility of enlarging this alliance along the Baltic Sea shore was being assessed. Nukša will eventually be appointed for six years as the envoy of his country in Czechoslovakia and in this capacity he was re-appointed to Bucharest in with residence in Prague November to May By then, Poland had improved its relations with Germany following the Non-Aggression Pact signed in January and Romania gravitated around the French-Czechoslovakian-Soviet constellation of powers.

General, vol. Cetatea de Scaun, Jēkabsons, V. Ščerbinskis, Latvijas ārlietu dienesta darbinieki. Therefore, Nukša established a long-standing relation with Romania where he travelled every now and then and reported to Riga based mostly on information he received from the Polish and eventually Czechoslovak political and diplomatic circles.

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As Nukša was travelling only seldom to Romania in order to solve the current issues involving citizens of the two countries and their businesses, a network of consulates was established. The Consulate in Bucharest was funded in December and turned into a General Consulate in November until incorporation of the Baltic States into Soviet Union in Augustwhen it was closed down. The position was held all these years by Theodor Orghidan born 1.

Orghidan was often delegated to attend public ceremonies on behalf of Latvia such as, for instance, the burial of King Ferdinand I in Also, a Vice-Consulate was set up in Bucharest in November at the head of which Iuliu Sfetea born was assigned.


Consulates were also established for a short while in the Bessarabian city of Chişinău August July with Jänis Viksne at its lead, in the Danubian harbour of Galaţi November headed by Panait Avghenio born and in the Black Sea harbour of Constanţa November under Constantin Constantinescu born Such was the case of a Romanian citizen expropriated without compensation according to the Latvian land reform. Instead, the Romanian Government appointed 1 He may be one and the same person with Teodor Orghidan, descend of a well-known Transylvanian family, the founder in of the first Romanian-US Chamber of Commerce where the most important banks where represented, Ion Stanciu, În umbra Europei.

Relaţiile României cu Statele Unite în anii Bucureşti, Legation, Vol. Jēkabsons and V. Ščerbinskis, His mandate started on April 1 st. Already in this report Florescu emphasized the geopolitical pressure over the Baltic States.

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He insisted for a legation to be established in Riga consisting of an envoy and a Legation secretary. Florescu had been accredited to Warsaw from 13 August and will be replaced in January by his deputy, Alexandru Iacovaky. Brătianu, Florescu finds new arguments for opening a permanent Romanian legation in Riga. Only Austria and Belgium had appointed their envoys to Warsaw in the same capacity in the Baltic States, but, as he rightly concluded, the interests of those states in the area could not be compared with the interests of Romania.

The international situation was gradually improving and one may say that the period from when the Locarno Agreements were signed to at the advent of the world depression was the most peaceful throughout the entire interwar period.

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Alexandru Iacovaky was appointed to Latvia and Estonia in January 4 and presented his credentials to the first President of Latvia Jānis Čakste on March 5 th. While Iacovaky stressed in his discourse the common interests of the two countries and the idea of peace, President Čakste was more unreserved when arguing that countries situated on the Western borders of Russia ought to struggle to ensure the peace they needed for their free development.

The Legation, s.

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Relations with Lithuania, Poland, Romania, vol. The signal was clear and required a more decisive step to be taken in the cooperation between these states with regard to the USSR. One of the most influential Latvian politician, Foreign Minister Zigfrīds Anna Meierovicswas even more outspoken in a private conversation when he confessed his opinion that when Soviet Union will attack one of its Western neighbours the war will spread in the whole Border States area.

He remarked that the Soviet Union only cared for power and insisted on the importance of unity among the Border Rietum bank forex.

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The President of Latvia confessed his wish of seeing Latvia consolidating the defence line against the Soviet Union. While writing in his recount of his foreign policy handling inhe notices that by only the common vicinity of the Soviet Union marked the relations with these countries.


On December 26 thTitulescu requested the Romanian Legation in Warsaw to inform the Latvian authorities on the decision of Romanian authorities to open a rietum bank forex in Riga, a piece of news that enjoyed a good reception in Latvia. Sturdza travelled to Riga only in May.

He was assisted in his diplomatic tasks by Legation secretary Eugeniu Lukasiewicz. This was exactly the arrangement Alexandru Florescu had pleaded for in Mihail R. Sturdza —a former diplomat in the United States and a future Iron Guard Foreign Minister of Romania inheld conservative and right-wing political views prone to see the international scene in a Cold War dichotomist tone. His first diplomatic report bears witness to his world views.

He saw his diplomatic assignment at the head of a Legation as an occasion to affirm himself and assumed that the most important task laying ahead was to gather information about Soviet Union from local politicians, diplomats, traders, travellers, local press and from diplomatic missions established in Riga.

George F. They read newspapers and other written sources and acquired information from the local diplomats and reported to the US Government to the best of their ability about the situation in rietum bank forex USSR and especially about economic developments. Oprea Bucureşti: Ed. Enciclopedică, Buzatu coord. Junimea, Eventually, in Finland January 21 st 1Latvia February 5 th 2 and Estonia May 4 th 3the three countries where Sturdza was accredited, signed non-aggression treaties with Soviet Rietum bank forex to the dismay of Romanian diplomat.

After a failed attempt to appoint the Bessarabian politician Ion Rietum bank forex as envoy to Riga inthe Romanian Government finally raised Sturdza to the position of envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary on June 1 st Similar to his predecessor, he also started his diplomatic career in France in as a secretary of the Latvian Delegation to the Peace Conference before being appointed as a diplomat in Belgium and the Netherlands and eventually posted to Warsaw in Whereas in November Nukša was re-appointed as envoy to Bucharest, Romania chose to entrust the head of the Legation to Constantin Văllimărescu who will also be the first Romanian envoy accredited to Kaunas in January