Caos snal în opțiuni binare

caos snal în opțiuni binare

It has been very successful, and has gone into three updated editions.

caos snal în opțiuni binare

Poets ten to like it, which is heartening. You lived for more than a year in Timişoara. The beer was good, and pretty German-like, I thought.


My favourite was Ciuc, but the local Timişoarana was ok too. I became very interested and knowledgeable about Romanian wine, however.

caos snal în opțiuni binare

I miss not being able to get hold of the better ones. Do you?

caos snal în opțiuni binare

No, though when I lived in Timişoara there was a big, clean, haughty cat in the flat, and a terrapin that kept trying to escape from his tank. When I lived in London I had a collection of cacti. When I was a child in Donegal I had my own dog, a black cocker spaniel who went everywhere with me, and was killed on my 12th birthday.

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I also had, for a time, a pet white mouse. Both make occasional appearance in the poems. How would you describe the differences between the two? Yep, I agree.

35 минут. Пока он разглядывал эту надпись, число сменилось на 34. По крайней мере, это была полезная информация -- хотя, поскольку он не имел ни малейшего представления о скорости машины, она ничуть не прояснила для него вопрос о расстоянии до неведомого города.

Basically, the difference is although there are exceptions on both sides that English poets tend to write formally, and stick to realism, often using irony, whereas Irish poets tend to be more free in their versification, and to value the imaginative more — often straying into a territory I call alternative realism.

Different places, different people and literatures. What do you think of them? Caos snal în opțiuni binare influence of Germany on my work has been even greater, as the German literature I studied at college was very important to me. Between the two living-abroad experiences I became aware, whenever I returned to England for readings, that I was a European poet, and very different from the English poets I might be reading with, whereas twenty years before that, when I lived in London, that might not have been so clear.

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What do you think of borders? I love the idea of borders, the metaphor, even the dramatic reality. How do you feel about that? In Ireland we have a saying — the Beckett syndrome.

What is meant by that is that one is ignored at home unless one gets so big abroad, as Beckett did, that they have no option but to belatedly accept you in the caos snal în opțiuni binare country.

Of course, Beckett chose to live abroad, as I have done for most of my life. I find it especially pleasing to be so accepted abroad, and to be as widely translated as you pointed out. I was particularly delighted by the response to the German book, Rosa Milch.

caos snal în opțiuni binare

You have expressed your admiration towards Trakl, re-writing one of his famous poems. What did you learn from Expressionists? Oh, quite a lot.

Мы не успели вовремя предпринять необходимые действия.

To go for images. Not to be afraid of the dark.

caos snal în opțiuni binare

Which is your all-time favourite poetry book? Hard to pick one book.

Мир был полон чудес еще более замечательных, чем он мог представить себе даже Элвин снова бросил взгляд на индикатор.

There are many other books of poetry I greatly value, as well, too many to list. Is there really a crisis in the world?

Or in poetry? In the world? In poetry?